How We Got Started

Back in 2010 we were looking for an online business that was important to us, but most of all lent importance to our customers.  Searching for a couple of months, we decided to focus on Organic Flours & Grains.  This fit right in with our upbringing as we were raised on farms.  Within 2 weeks of our website going live, we received a call from a potential customer asking us if we carried Gluten-Free Organic Flours & Grains.

Yikes!  I was aware of celiac disease and it never occurred to me to include Gluten-Free products.  Fortunately, we had two separate facilities available, so we could add gluten-free flours & grains to our line.  Pretty soon we were getting calls from all over the country about our GF products.  Eventually, we started experimenting with mixes and began offering "Healthy" gluten-free mixes.  Our mixes aren't just rice flour, sugar, and starch!  We include whole grain healthy flours, like amaranth, quinoa, millet, teff and flax meal -- all gluten free and most are Organic! 

We've worked very hard at being as pure as possible with our products.  Many who must eat gluten-free also have issues with corn & soy flours & nuts.  So, we do not have any of those products in in our storage or packing facility. 

As of August 2016, we now carry only Gluten-Free Products (except for our Legumes & Seeds).


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